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"25" Deluxe Vinyl Boxset

Boxset $208.99

Release Date: 10/05/2019

Discs: 8

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South London collective Archive announce a career-spanning 25th anniversary Retrospective collection “25”, set for release on Dangervisit, through [PIAS] on May 10th 2019.

This deluxe vinyl boxset of “25” contains six-LPs with 43 tracks drawn from the collective’s career and features 8 new, previously unreleased songs on a 10” EP and 7” single - featuring collaborations with Band Of Skulls and Steve Mason amongst others.

This beautifully packaged set comes with a 160 page book featuring new interviews with Archive members past and present, plus photos from Archive’s private collections.

Also includes download card and code.

* Includes 'Live  In Paris' download. This gig took place on Thursday 16th May 2019, and will be released once it has been mixed and mastered. You will be notified to claim your download upon release. There is no current confirmed date for this release.

(Disc 1)

Side One:

1. Again
2. Londinium

Side Two:

1. Bullets
2. System
3. Kings Of Speed
4. Erase

(Disc 2)

Side One:

1. You Make Me Feel
2. Kid Corner
3. Bastardized Ink
4. Shiver

Side Two:

1. Controlling Crowds
2. Pills
3. Falling

(Disc 3)

Side One:

1. Noise
2. Violently
3. Bright Lights
4. End Of Our Days

Side Two:

1. Finding It So Hard
2. The Empty Bottle

(Disc 4)

Side One:

1. Fuck U
2. Remains Of Nothing
3. The False Foundation
4. Hatchet

Side Two:

1. Lights

(Disc 5)

Side One:

1. Waste
2. Splinters
3. Black & Blue

Side Two:

1. Collapse/Collide
2. Bridge Scene
3. Numb
4. Feel it

(Disc 6)

Side One:

1. Wiped out
2. Driving In Nails
3. So Few Words

Side Two:

1. Distorted Angels
2. Nothing Else
3. Lines
4. Take My Head

Box Set 10”

Side One:

1. Heart Beats

Side Two:

1. Hyperreal
2. The Hell Scared Out Of Me

Box Set 7”

A) Lightning Love – feat Steve Mason
B) While There's Light